I am an assistant professor at the department of cognitive science and artificial intelligence at the Tilburg University. Before that I was a post-doctoral fellow at the RLAI lab at University of Alberta with Mike Bowling and Martha White. I completed my PhD at the University of Amsterdam, where I was part of the AMLab (and partly Whirl@Oxford) under the supervision of Shimon Whiteson and Frans Oliehoek. My research interests lie in the field of machine learning, statistics and decision-theoretic planning. I am interested in developing new methods and algorithms that are computationally efficient and enable an agent to behave intelligently to accomplish certain tasks.

Currently, I am working on developing methods for active perception for tracking people in multi-camera networks. Consequently, I am involved and interested in (deep) reinforcement learning, submodular optimization and information theory. I am also interested in applying learning/planning algorithms for developing systems that can help humans and computers to collaborate to accomplish tasks that are typically considered challenging.

Before starting my Phd program, I worked as a senior developer at Capital One Labs. I recieved a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University in 2012. I interned with eBay during the summer of 2011. Before that, I received a Bachelor of Technology degree in Electronics Engineering from VNIT, Nagpur in 2010.